Israeli Foreign Ministry's new 'guidelines' for overseas missions may have bad consequences

Israel's Foreign Ministry, with the approval of the Israeli Cabinet, has authorized Israeli embassies and consulates abroad to collect funds for the events they will host in commemoration of Israel Independence Day.  To be sure, the donations are to be vetted by a committee, and there are "certain guidelines" imposed: Corporations can't make donations and the sum total collected cannot make up more than 25% of an event's budget. One donor cannot give more than NIS 100,000 per year. The dispensation does not sit well with Israel's diplomatic corps worldwide, who rightly protest that "The role of Israel's envoys and diplomats is to represent Israel and the policy of its government, and not to beg for the generosity of rich people in order to finance our official activities." Even on its face, the prohibition of corporate donations is quite flimsy; corporations can easily get around that hurdle through individual proxy...(Read Full Post)
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