In 2020, the United Methodist Church will formally divorce over gay marriage

Our First Amendment means that, even though the Supreme Court found a constitutional right to same sex marriage, that new right applies only to the government's relationship with citizens. From Obergefell forward, to the extent states and the federal government recognize traditional marriage, they must also recognize same sex marriage. Thanks to the First  Amendment, though, religious institutions cannot be forced to change their doctrines to conform to the Supreme Court’s holding. In the case of the United Methodist Church, the church opted not to recognize (or officiate at) same sex marriages. It also has refused to ordain openly gay people to the clergy. Many within the church objected to this stance, a position that led to continued debate. That debate has now resulted in a formal agreement in principle to divide the church in 2020: The plan, if approved at the church's worldwide conference in Minneapolis in May, would divide the third-largest...(Read Full Post)
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