Hugh Hewitt plans to vote for Bernie Sanders in Virginia's open primary

Hugh Hewitt, a well known conservative talk radio host, announced on Sunday's Meet the Press that, while he'll vote for President Trump in November, he intends to vote for Bernie Sanders in the Virginia open primary.  He explained that he was doing so "because he's authentic." Hewitt didn't mean that Bernie is an authentic guy, the kind you like to hang out with.  Instead, Hewitt is voting for him because Bernie is an authentic socialist: I want a clear choice between the authentic, traditional socialist and all the people who just pretend to be. On the one hand, Hewitt's plan to help expose the Democrat party for what it has become — a socialist institution trying to hide behind less obvious candidates such as Warren or Buttigieg — is admirable.  On the other hand, it shows everything that is wrong with open primaries, which can cause profound damage to America's...(Read Full Post)
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