Hold on to your hats: Hillary says she's got the urge to run again

Thanks to a four-hour documentary about herself, which premiered to great Progressive buzz at the Sundance Film Festival, Hillary's in the news again.  More than that, she's getting in there at a time when Democrats are panicking about Bernie's increasing lead in New Hampshire and the general pressure he's putting on "mainstream" candidate Joe Biden.  Sane Democrats strongly suspect that, while Bernie's manna for the base, most Americans are not going to vote for a candidate who still adores socialism despite the Gulags, the re-education camps, and those nasty National Socialist gas chambers. Because of the buzz, a scrubbed, buffed, injected, stretched, and actually pretty fine-looking Hillary got herself an interview with Variety magazine, which is still one of the premier magazines in the entertainment world.  Inevitably, Hillary blamed misogyny for her loss: After "Hillary" premiered at...(Read Full Post)
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