Hit piece in USA Today attacks Fox News as hate speech

Since its launch in October 1996, the Fox News channel (FNC) has been under constant attack from the leftist-dominated mainstream media.  Contrary to the pervasive propaganda spewed by much of the left-of-center MSM, FNC has always been more fair and balanced, and not — like its two major cable news rivals CNN and MSNBC — knee-jerk prejudiced against conservative and Republican guests and their viewpoints.  This toxic, divisive left-wing media bias has never been more apparent than during the last three years since the start of the Trump presidency. In the opening days of the Senate trial of President Trump last week, FNC has emerged as the most popular source of news on television on impeachment, even beating the once dominant alphabet broadcast channels in the ratings.  Very curious, then, is the timing of a particularly vile hit piece published last Friday in the struggling national newspaper USA Today,...(Read Full Post)
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