Gun-grabbers Northam and Bloomberg claim Virginia's Second Amendment–supporters spreading 'misinformation'

A day after a huge crowd showed up at a Virginia Beach City Council meeting to add their locality to over 100 of Virginia's Second Amendment sanctuaries, the state's governor and his  financier, Michael Bloomberg, in separate press conferences, tried to reassure the public they had no plans to confiscate guns.  Bloomberg and Ralph Northam made their comments in Richmond on Tuesday as Virginia's new Democratic legislative majority convenes to take up gun control measures. The former New York City mayor insisted that "nobody's trying to take away anybody's handguns — or rifles or shotguns.  What we're trying to do is have sensible gun regulations." Bloomberg also said confiscating AR-15-style rifles currently in circulation would be difficult.  "It's probably impossible to get all those back," he said.  "One can only hope that when people see the...(Read Full Post)
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