During the busy Lunar New Year, an aggressive coronavirus is on the move

A growing viral threat in China reminds us that there's a thin line between civilization and disaster.  Moreover, it tells us that our government should be focusing on disease preventing and not on whether boys should be using girls' bathrooms.  But first, a little history to put things in perspective. The world's biggest die-off in recorded history — known as the Black Death, the Great Mortality, the Pestilence, or the Great Plague — got its start thanks to a period of global cooling following the life-giving force of the Medieval Warming Period (950–1100 A.D.).  During the warming period, land became more productive, and the population grew and expanded into formerly barren lands.  (Greenland was once actually green.)  When the climate began to cool, though, crops diminished, leading to starvation and weakened immune systems.  War was normative. The plague started in China, as rodents fled areas that were drying...(Read Full Post)
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