Diagnosing – and Misdiagnosing – the rise in Anti-Semitic Attacks In New York

In the last few days, several people in the Progressive media have tried to explain the rise in anti-Semitic attacks, particularly in New York City.  Many seem irresistibly drawn to blaming it on Trump or even on the victimized Jews. They are wrong, of course, but even those who struggle towards a correct answer are still blind to the Progressive elephant in the room. Some media figures have acknowledged that the perpetrators are neither Trump supporters nor white supremacists. Still they cannot bring themselves to trace the problem to the minority community. For example, Elad Nehorai acknowledges that “the vast majority of the perpetrators over the last two weeks have been black,” but says there’s insufficient data to explain why. John Sexton rightly calls that a dodge. “[I]n New York, the desire to avoid drawing conclusions has been so powerful that the media for the most part hasn’t even been willing to connect the dots in any way at...(Read Full Post)
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