Dems' impeachment strategy isn't to win over the Senate, but defeat the Senate

A common belief among conservatives is that Democrats have blundered in their impeachment trial argumentation, that they've shot themselves in the foot.  Perhaps so.  But we should remember that their goal cannot, logically, be to win over the Senate so President Trump can be ousted from office before November. It would have to be that they want to win the Senate for Democrats in November. It's easy believing that the world's Adam Schiffs and Jerrold Nadlers are ill intended Inspector Clouseaus (without his luck), and no great genius should be ascribed to them.  But they're surely smart enough to realize that they'll never get the votes of two thirds of the Senate — 67 members — which are necessary to convict and remove Trump.  Not happening. So logic dictates that the smarter Democrats are likely making not a legal case to the senators to remove the president from power, but...(Read Full Post)
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