Democrats pile on to blame America for downing the Ukrainian plane

It's hard to recall, but once upon a time, the majority of American politicians, including Democrats, were able to set aside partisan bickering for at least a moment in the face of foreign aggression against the United States.  After 9/11, for example, Congress spontaneously responded by singing Irving Berlin's "God Bless America." Things are different now.  Immediately after news broke that Iran had shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane, Leftists began blaming America, using phrases such as "crossfire" (there was none) and "tit-for-tat" (none of that, either).  Pete Buttigieg was the first big-profile Democrat caught embracing that concept.  In the hours since Buttigieg put himself out there as a "blame America first" person, other big-name Democrats and media types began to echo that same theme: even though it was Iran that fired the missile after attacking American bases,...(Read Full Post)
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