CNN coughs up a record settlement of $76 million to pay off workers it cheated in union-busting dispute

CNN is a purveyor of not just fake news, but fake progressivism.  The Left generally pretends to care about the downtrodden little guys and gals — you know, the kind of folks who need a union to stand up for them when dealing with ruthless employers — but all too often, that's just P.R .eyewash.  Thanks to a late Friday afternoon announcement, when news that is intended to be buried is released, we learn that CNN has shattered the record for back pay settlements with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).  Even worse, from the progressive viewpoint, CNN's cheating of its workers took place in a union-busting effort.   Cynthia Littleton reports for Variety: CNN has agreed to pay $76 million to settle a back pay case involving union workers that marks the largest "monetary remedy" in the 85-year history of National Labor Relations Board. The dispute began in 2003 when CNN fired a...(Read Full Post)
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