Audio of Warren and Sanders after the debate reflects poorly on both

What Elizabeth Warren lacks in honesty she makes up in chutzpah.  So it was that the woman famous for her myriad lies approached Bernie Sanders after the debate and attacked him for calling her a liar.  And Bernie, fiery Bernie, made no defense. It all started when Bernie's campaign finally went negative against Warren by essentially accusing her of being a limousine liberal, presumably in contrast to Bernie's authentic Leftism.  To that end, his campaign claimed that her supporters are "highly-educated, more affluent people." In the land of everlasting wokeness and victim status, those are fighting words.  Warren responded by accusing Bernie of telling her during a private conversation in December 2018 that a woman could never win the presidential election.  Bernie, in other words, is an old-fashioned misogynist.  Bernie denied saying such a thing. The whole matter escalated on...(Read Full Post)
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