After two days of defense, Schiff's impeachment ploy is becoming clear

The president's lawyers finally got the chance to present their case in defense of him on Saturday.  They did not take much time, but their first few hours virtually destroyed the Schiff/Nadler/Pelosi fiction on which they have based their articles of impeachment.  After a second, longer, and more intense day of the defense delivering their side of the story, what actually has transpired has become clearer and clearer. The irrationally obsessed Schiff had a plan, as surely as the Crossfire Hurricane cabal had a plan, to take Trump down by hook or by crook.  The Mueller Report failed to deliver, so he sought a new and fabricated reason to impeach. Now that we see and hear Schiff's case be completely devastated by Trump's defense team, one has to wonder how the House managers had the gall to stand up and spew the lies each of them put forth over twenty-three hours.  It is probably safe to assume that they did none of their...(Read Full Post)
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