After his behavior at Davos, did Prince Charles snub Pence in Jerusalem?

Although it's hard to imagine now, back in the 1960s and 1970s, Prince Charles had a sort of glamour about him, a mixture of sophisticated playboy and Prince Charming.  He was good looking(ish) and athletic, and he handled himself well at state affairs.  His stock went up even higher when he married Lady Diana, a vapid young woman who wore clothes well and managed to catch the world's imagination. They were an ill suited couple.  He fancied himself an intellectual, and she was a publicity-hungry walking emotional wound.  Their marital battles revealed him to be a sleazy, entitled, unkind, boring, pompous, unfaithful lout.  When Diana died, Charles re-fashioned his image.  He was the good father to his boys, and he got to marry the woman he loved, the horsey but good-natured Camilla. Camilla or not, Charles is still a pompous, hypocritical boor.  His latest unpleasant behavior involves climate change...(Read Full Post)
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