A Texas Democrat whom the Democrat establishment embraced has a big loss

Before Robert "Beto" Francis O'Rourke's frenetic mannerisms, weird statements, and bold call for total gun confiscation knocked him out of the Democrat presidential primaries, he was considered one of the great hopes of the Democrat Party in Texas.  After all, in 2018, in the great, red state of Texas, he had almost beaten Senator Ted Cruz's bid for re-election. Eliz Markowitz was Beto's designated successor and really thought she could win in Texas House District 28, a Houston suburb.  But just like Beto, Markowitz flamed out, although more spectacularly than Beto did. Markowitz, a Ph.D. who calls herself "doctor" (making her as pretentious as Jill Biden), is a garden-variety 21st-century Democrat.  With her specialty in teacher training, Markowitz's major platform stance was about education.  Mostly, she wanted more money for public schools, although she should get kudos for promoting vocational...(Read Full Post)
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