A new initiative is afoot to bring conservatives out of the closet

There's an old idiom, "the worm turns," that describes a situation in which a weak person suddenly shifts and becomes strong and powerful.  For a long time, Leftist aggression and stridency have turned conservatives into worms.  That may finally be about to change. Democrats might say there's nothing weak or powerless about Trump-supporters.  After all, their candidate is in the White House, and tens of thousands of people (to Progressives' great frustration) turn out for his rallies.  But speaking as someone who only recently came out of the conservative closet, while people can support Trump in the secrecy of the polls and in the security of other Trump-supporters, at work, at school, at stores, and in the neighborhood, they are routinely insulted, marginalized, defamed, and even attacked for their beliefs. The most recent example of this comes from Stuart Reges, a gay, non-tenured professor at the University of...(Read Full Post)
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