With Kamala Harris out, Democrats kvetch about all-white candidate base on Dem debate stage

Are presidential candidates now to be chosen by affirmative action programming instead of voter will?

Apparently, there are Democrats who think so.  They actually view Kamala Harris's dropping out of the Democratic presidential race as some kind of evidence of racism, apparently among Democrats.  The color blend isn't right now, and the color blend for them is not the biggest thing; it's the only thing.  This isn't a contest to them; this is a narrative.  And that narrative to them is a very simple one: Kamala wins.

According to the New York Post, they're raging about it.

All six Democratic presidential candidates on next month's debate stage will be white after Kamala Harris pulled out of the race Tuesday — a fact that has angered the party's supporters.

Liberal pundits jumped on the issue immediately after the Californian senator bowed out, blaming dwindling campaign funds, saying they felt enraged that two white, male billionaires had bought their way into the 2020 race and sucked the oxygen out of Harris' once-promising campaign.

Former Newark Mayor Cory Booker is still in the race but has failed to make a splash in the polls and is unlikely to qualify for the next Democratic presidential primary debate on Dec. 19.

"It's really f----- up that straight white male billionaires (plural) are going to qualify for the next debate while Kamala Harris is leaving the race. Like, immensely," wrote Adam Nathaniel Peck from the Center for American Progress policy institute.

Who the heck are these boobs talking about, and why the heck weren't they voting for these candidates if identity was their most important criterion?  This is a competition, yet they seem to think this is a racial bean-counting exercise.

It calls to mind the hard reality that the candidates in question weren't good candidates.  Was Julián Castro, with his disgusting attacks on Joe Biden over things he never said and McCarthyite doxxing endorsement, really the guy the Dems wanted to go with?  Was Cory Booker with his waist-deep Wall Street ties The One? Both of these candidates polled in miserable single digits — among Democrats at all times, which raises questions as to why they were on those debate stages at all.  Were they there on affirmative action slots?  Were the rules cooked to ensure they'd be some faces on the podium?  Was Kamala Harris, who slept her way to the top with Willie Brown, had an amazing string of corrupt acts as California's attorney general, and put people away for pot offenses while giggling to an Oakland deejay about smoking pot herself really the right person?

All of these people were given a pass precisely on affirmative action grounds.  At least some of them were on the debate stage, despite infinitesimal polling numbers, probably from rigged rules based on identity politics narrativing.

Nobody wanted to vote for them, and eventually, their funding dried up, and now either they don't qualify for the debate or they're dropping out.

This isn't anything that can be blamed on Trump.  We Trump-supporters don't see color in our candidates; we see leftists or else people who will fight for us.  Democrats seem to be confusing leftism with color, endorsing the most outrageous leftist ideas with an identity politics face.  Let's make one thing clear to all these idiots: they have competition.  If they endorse conservative values, nobody cares one whit what color they are.  If they don't, they're just leftists, sometimes dressed up in identity politics packaging, but same old leftists, not very different from Jimmy Carter or Barack Obama. 

We all know how well those presidencies worked out.  Voters aren't stupid.  When are Democrats going to recognize that having a bad candidate with a politically correct color is no substitute for presenting a sane candidate for president?

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