Western civilization's battle for survival and 'The Oath of the Horatii'

Jacques-Louis David's "The Oath of the Horatii" is one of those great works of art that spoke of true masculine valor, self-sacrifice, and fundamental willingness to defend one's nation.  Although David came out of the radicalism of the French Jacobinism of the revolutionary era of his nation, even then, there was still a deep-seated attachment to one's people — its past, culture, and traditions — even as the Jacobins excoriated so much of that during their reign.  It is a painting and a story that should resonate with us today, perhaps more so than ever. We see the three male members of the Horatius family pledging in unison to fight for their people's cause.  This hearkens back to a historic understanding of masculinity that places one's family, a truer understanding of one's neighbors (as being of one's people), and one's nation at the apex of loyalty, fealty, and ultimate...(Read Full Post)
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