Virginia school system to give student wokesters a day off to go protesting

The state of Virginia has gone blue and now the deluge is upon it. Aside from gun-grabbing, the wokesters running the Fairfax county school district have come up with the bright idea of letting junior high and high school students off one day a year to go protesting. According to a report in The Hill: Virginia's Fairfax County Public Schools has implemented a landmark policy allowing students to take time off to participate in protests. Beginning Jan. 27, the school district will allow students in seventh through 12th grades one excused absence per year to participate in “civic engagement activities,” according to multiple news outlets. Fairfax School Board member Ryan McElveen, who reportedly introduced the policy, said the rule may be the first of its kind in the U.S. and was made in response to a recent wave of student activism across the country.“I think we’re setting the stage for the rest of...(Read Full Post)
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