Virginia school system to give student wokesters a day off to go protesting

The state of Virginia has gone blue and now the deluge is upon it.

Aside from gun-grabbing, the wokesters running the Fairfax county school district have come up with the bright idea of letting junior high and high school students off one day a year to go protesting.

According to a report in The Hill:

Virginia's Fairfax County Public Schools has implemented a landmark policy allowing students to take time off to participate in protests.

Beginning Jan. 27, the school district will allow students in seventh through 12th grades one excused absence per year to participate in “civic engagement activities,” according to multiple news outlets.

Fairfax School Board member Ryan McElveen, who reportedly introduced the policy, said the rule may be the first of its kind in the U.S. and was made in response to a recent wave of student activism across the country.“I think we’re setting the stage for the rest of the nation with this,” McElveen told The Washington Post, who first reported the news.

“It’s a dawning of a new day in student activism, and school systems everywhere are going to have to be responsive to it.”

How did students ever manage before this? WaPo has more here.
It's an idea of stellar stupidity, given that it overwhelmingly encourages students to become teenage leftists, embracing leftist causes. Problem one: Kids should be in school. You can't learn in school if what you're doing is protesting.
Virginia's public schools, in fact, rank about three in the nation, and Fairfax's rank at the top of Virginia's, so what we are seeing is a leftist district squandering the area's advantage, imagining that that advantage will always be there, same way leftists blow fortunes left for them by others.
It's also a First Amendment issue. Students are required to submit forms stating their activity (the potheads will make something up and who's to check) two days in advance, to keep it all hunky dory. The officials say the cause can be anything, what with them being totally non-partisan, and the vice principal or whoever can't veto the activity in any case, but rest assured, a case will come up where the student who goes to a Trump rally experiences subsequent bias from school officials in the aftermath. Leftists just can't stop themselves on that front. Seriously, why should a student have to disclose a cause he supports, permission or not. You can bet the cause will end up in some social media company's data-mining database or in the hands of some Democratic party operative. Why they should have to disclose anything at all is highly problematic, given leftist vengeance toward conservatives.
The bottom line, though, is that protests are not education, they are the yellings of mostly dummies, angry they can't get what they want through the ballot box. Why this belongs anywhere near the Virginia education system is something only a leftist can answer. For normals, it's a bad idea all around. Maybe the kids can take their day off to protest these clowns.
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