US stops sending bomb-sniffing dogs to Jordan and Egypt after documenting horrific animal abuse

Two Arab allies of the United States will no longer be provided bomb-sniffing dogs because they have subjected animals sent to them to horrific abuse. A whistleblower complaint triggered an inspector general’s report released on Monday that prompted the Department of Defense to suspend the sending of the dogs, and the providing of handlers and veterinarians to those nations.  Inhumanity to man’s best friend may now cost human lives in those countries when undetected bombs explode. Jessica Donati of the Wall Street Journal reports: The inspector general found that two dogs died in Jordan as a result of neglect and mistreatment this year, including one death caused by heat stroke and another by poisoning from an insecticide. A veterinarian told investigators that heat stroke was a preventable and especially terrible way for a dog to die. In addition, three out of 10 dogs provided to Egypt in August 2018 have died, the inspector general’s report found....(Read Full Post)
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