Trump surging, Dems tanking in the battleground states that will determine the election

We can expect even more pointless, futile railing against the Electoral College by Democrats demanding a national popular vote now that their presidential prospects in the key swing states are so bad.  I am so old that I can remember the Democrats crowing over the Blue Wall of 18 states that consistently voted for the Democrat presidential candidate for five straight elections, starting in 1992.  Back then, they thought the Electoral College was genius. But now that the Dems foolishly wrote off the white working class and as a result handed the GOP a crack at the industrial Midwest, they don't like the consequences.  It looks as though Trump is locking down support while the Dems are digging their hole even deeper.  Firehouse Strategies assembles the polling data from Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin: As the impeachment crusade gathered speed, Biden tanked: Of course, a lot can happen in 11...(Read Full Post)
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