Those vaunted red-state Democrats...are underwater, according to internal poll

As Democrats intone piously about saving the republic from a president who has "abused his power" and "committed high crimes," and the news media call it all "historic," somewhere, behind the scenes, the red-state Democrats are panicking.

According to the Daily Caller:

New internal polling by the Trump campaign suggests Democrats in pro-Trump districts should avoid supporting impeachment or risk losing re-election.

The new poll, released Tuesday, surveyed 900 likely voters in the 30 congressional districts that President Donald Trump won in 2016 but are currently occupied by Democrats.

Nice to see what everyone suspected.  Red-state Democrats in districts that voted for Trump are going to pay.  And as the newest members of Congress, they are also the weakest of political base and therefore the easiest to kick out.

It makes sense for three reasons beyond the usual discussions about the merits of the entire sham.

One, most of these people were elected to their seats by the flimsiest of margins.  In California, a lot of them got in through the miracle of ballot-harvesting by illegals.  Cheating of this kind gets very hard when it's not close.  It's starting to get "not close."

Two, voters don't like their choices disrespected.  A lot of people who voted for Trump cast their votes to "send a message" to the Washington swamp, that place where a vice president's son can make $80,000 a month just by following his father around on his taxpayer-paid jet trips abroad.  They don't like news of congressmen entering the House desperate and emerging millionaires.  They don't like congresspeople passing laws onto the public that they exempt themselves from.  They don't like one set of laws for one group of people and another set for the rest of us.  They don't like free stuff to foreigners who broke into the country illegally.  Commonsense stuff.  Trump didn't appeal to every voter, Republican or independent or Democrat, when he started, but once voters made their choice for him, they had a stronger mental investment in him and his success than they would have had in a garden-variety Jeb Bush–style Republican.

Three, voters don't like dishonesty.  Virtually all of these red-state Democrats won their offices on a platform of "getting things done" and not yelling about impeachment.  That made them safe choices for voters, who expected they would get things done and do things for their districts.  What did they do instead?  Focused solely on impeachment.  That makes them liars with not a thing they can be believed on as they yak about "getting things done."

If impeachment goes, they're going down.  Couldn't happen to a better bunch of cowards who say one thing to voters and do another. 

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