The white cockade

I first learned of the white cockade while I was reading the novel Bunker Hill by Nathaniel Philbrick.  On April 19, 1775, a militia regiment was positioned on top of Punkatasset Hill in Concord, Massachusetts.  As the regiment began marching downhill to confront the British forces, a young Minuteman from Acton named Luther Blanchard began playing a tune on his fife.  It was reportedthat  the militiamen began singing this tune while they marched off to fight the Redcoats.  That tune was "The White Cockade."  This song was known to be used during the 1745 Jacobite Uprising.  Prince Charles of the House of Stuarts sought to reclaim the family throne, which at the time was being ruled by William and Mary.  "Bonnie Prince Charlie" led a rebellion known as the "Jacobites," who hailed from the Scottish Highlands, lowland northeast of Scotland, Ireland, and Northern England.  The Bonnie Prince pinned a white rose on his blue bonnet as a symbol of rebellion.  The prince's rebellion failed, but his myth and courage lived on through the years.  In 1790, the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns penned a song in memory of Prince Charles and his White Cockade. 

A cockade is defined as a "rosette or knot of ribbons worn on a hat as a badge of office or party or as part of a livery."  The white cockade is essentially a white rose made from ribbon material. 

The song lyrics are from the viewpoint of a sweet bonnie lass who sees her handsome lad march off to join Bonnie Prince Charles's army.

My love was born in Aberdeen
The bonniest lad that e'er was seen
But now he makes our hearts fu' sad
He's taken to the field wi' his White Cockade

O he's a rantin', rovin' lad
He is a brisk and a bonny lad
Betide what may, I will be wed
And follow the laddy wi' the White Cockade

The Corries are a legendary Scottish folk duo who've recorded a catalog of timeless Scottish tunes.  This is their version of The White Cockade. 

The white cockade was once used as a symbol of defiance against tyranny.  In 2016, we chose and elected Donald J. Trump as our symbol of defiance against a United States government that was no longer a representative of "We the people."  President Trump and a great many American patriots have clearly exposed, for all the world to see, the corruption we've believed was there all along.  What a more fitting and perfect way for President Trump to represent America than by adopting the white cockade as a symbol for his 2020 campaign?  It's a perfect representation of his revolutionary spirit, and his rebellious fight against the Deep State, the anti-American liberals, and the feckless GOP RINOs. 

How great would the white cockade look on the president's lapel, right next to his American flag pin?  If for no other reason, it would drive the Democrats and the liberals more apoplectic than they already are.

Donald Trump is the most important president this country has seen since George Washington.  I say this without hyperbole and as a well read amateur historian.  President Trump, his family, and the amazing behind-the-scenes Patriots are the last great hope for the sake and future of this country and everything our Founders fought so hard and died for. 

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