The left bellows 'racism' in the aftermath of Boris blowout election in UK

When you don't get your way, yell racism.

That's the new leftist tack for explaining the blowout election result in the United Kingdom, focused on getting the hell out of the European Union's clutches.  It was a bad election night for the left — districts that had been solidly within the leftist Labor Party's hands for decades suddenly switched to the pro-Brexit Tories.  But take it as an invitation to get introspective?  To ask yourselves why voters are not buying what you have on offer?  Nope, not even enough time to blame Russia.  It stings, so time to whip out the default mode: yell racism.

And boy, is it bad out there.  Here are tweets from the long-faced leftists:

These people are deranged, and I haven't even gotten through the long list of all of them reflexively spouting this absurd "racism" line.  People who live in Labor strongholds such as Hartlepool, which flipped to the Tories, are suddenly voters who've decided to be racist?  How the heck does that happen?

And don't think the lunacy doesn't extend to the States.  Get a load of this from a top Hillary Clinton campaign adviser, Peter Daou, who's one of her tech guys:

Daou is a leftist so rabid that he considers President Obama a conservative and is the guy behind some of Clinton's failed internet schemes.  I wrote about this pinhead's other doings here:

What's more, Peter Daou, who runs the thing, has a connection with David Brock of Media Matters, who, according to Sharryl Attkisson in her new book, The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think and How You Vote, is the arch-smear king of the swamp.  Daou and Brock worked together on something called Shareblue, which Attkisson characterized as part of Brock's smear operation, and now Daou is doing a new project with Verrit.

So in other words, this Verrit thing may be a propaganda smear organization run by a David Brock associate to keep Hillary Clinton in the game by attacking her opponents.

So in this Hillary guy's logic, none of this vote was about the importance of referendum results meaning what they say, or about voters needing their votes respected, and Britain just getting the heck out of the European Union.  It was just all about racism?  Creepy, indeed, that he's tweeting right around the time that Hillary Clinton is throwing out her strongest signs of running for president.  Does he come with the package, too?  He sure as heck has that "deplorables" thing down pat.

It seems to be a preview of coming attractions as President Trump prepares for his own blowout re-election in 2020.

When you're all out of ideas, sport a bad record, and have absolutely nothing of value to offer to voters, yelling racism becomes the default, leftists' favorite go-to default, given how rapidly they're hurling it now.

Let's hope it ends badly for them.

Image credit: Photo illustration by Monica Showalter with use of detail from an image by International Atomic Energy Agency Director GeneralCC BY-SA 2.0.

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