The Democrats' bleak midwinter as their coup attempt is unraveling

The deep state and the Democrat party have, from the moment Donald Trump announced his candidacy, set out to destroy the man, his candidacy, and then his presidency.   They did this, as the Horowitz report has shown and the Barr/Durham report will expand upon, by attempting to frame Trump with a despicable, treasonous plot that would, they were certain, invalidate his campaign and subsequently his presidency.  

When Trump won, their plot became both plan B and a cover-up of their pre-election illegal, unconstitutional activities.  Talk about abuse of power!  

This bunch, from Brennan, Comey and Clapper and all those who were the mid-level functionaries at work on the original plan, all of them were betrayers of the nation they were charged to represent.   Then they effectively co-opted our willingly slavish, anti-American media to undergird their plan in the knowledge that they can easily manipulate the pubic to believe whatever nonsense they promote.   

So determined to destroy President Trump, they will stop at nothing; no fabricated smear is too low, no lie is a bridge too far. The left media will do the Democrats' bidding and vice versa.  They are in a venomous symbiotic relationship bent on destroying America as founded and remaking it into some sort of sop to the anti-American, globalist left.  

Adam Schiff's pathetic mission to take Trump down is a misguided campaign to sabotage a presidency for the most childish of reasons:  elitist classism, plain old snobbery. 

They are like angry toddlers whose parents have rewarded every demand without rancor, just craven indulgence.  They are used to getting their way and cannot abide their loss of the Left's presidential power over us all.  Thus, we are afflicted with Pelosi's ridiculous, bungled management of their long-planned impeachment scheme.  

The Democrat party will never recover from their malfeasance in this endeavor; never.   They are scoundrels. Every one of those in the House who voted for impeachment has put their groundless hatred for the President above the country. They all know Trump has committed no impeachable crimes.  Who among them will have the courage to stand up for what is right and true?  So far, only Jeff Van Drew, one out of hundreds, a sad commentary on the so-called righteousness of the left.  They are all cowards, afraid of the obviously and increasingly demented Nancy Pelosi.  How weak must one be to capitulate to Pelosi's demands?    How spineless must one be to pretend Adam Schiff is an honest broker?

The Democrats have succeeded in engineering what they hoped for, a bleak political season for their cause.  They are so proud of themselves for their sham impeachment they have yet to realize they have made utter fools of their party.  Most of them must know that what the Horowitz report revealed was damning and that what is coming in the Barr/Durham report will be the nail in the coffin of Hillary Clinton's political career and the Obama administration's ploy to destroy Trump.  

They are hoping that impeachment, even without a conviction, will dampen the public outrage that is coming when the details of their attempted coup are revealed for all to see and read.  It won't.  When the American people learn who and how traitorous all the players in this Machiavellian ruse have been and are, they will all want to drain the swamp that is the DC bureaucracy and their partners in this vast crime.  

Those who inhabit that self-righteous DC bubble may well be shocked to find they are not as special as they believe themselves to be.  They can be, should be, dispensed with as quickly and easily as rock concert trash left by all those leftist millennials.  They've all made their money in all the various and unscrupulous ways politicians do, the way the Clintons, the Bidens and the Obamas became fabulously wealthy in office, via the corrupt practices that have plagued victimized taxpayers for decades.  

I hope that they will all be exposed and, if not indicted, be driven from the offices they have all illegally exploited to wreak havoc on the Trump presidency.  May the bleak winter the Democrats have orchestrated be over with the spring release of the Barr/Durham report.  May the perpetrators all be tried and convicted for their crimes against America.   

The election of Donald Trump, black swan event that it was, may just have been divine intervention, a cosmic phenomenon meant to save this nation from its worst malefactors within, those who mean to remake America into something it was never meant to be by loathsome and underhanded means.  Despite the Left's hatred of President Trump, he is the wiser man who is doing his part to save us from the hardcore socialists and communists who are running for the presidency as democrats.  Who can know or say in what disguise our saviors materialize!

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