Stunning: Cory Booker's statement on Jersey City slaughter doesn't mention Jews or antisemitism

See update below: New Jersey senator Cory Booker delivered a slap in the face of Jews everywhere with his statement on the horrific attack on his constituents in Jersey City, targeted because they were Jews.  Not a word about Jews or Jew-hatred, or the spread of violence directed against Jews. Nothing! Booker is traveling the same road as his buddy Barack Obama, who could bring himself to condemn only "zealots who behead people or randomly shoot a bunch of folks in a deli in Paris," on the parallel targeted slaughter of Jews in Paris at a kosher supermarket.  They were not "randomly" targeted, and to pretend Jew-hatred was not the motive is dishonest and dangerous.  Booker is equally irresponsible, using only the word "residents" to describe the victims.  At least he didn't call the slaughter random, but he gave no reason behind it, calling it merely "senseless," as if there were no...(Read Full Post)
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