Shouldn't the media report how bad previous climate change predictions have been instead of participating in the indoctrination?

For the last 100 years, we have seen climate prediction labels go from global warming, global cooling, global warming, climate change, climate catastrophe, climate emergency, and climate collapse.  The goal has been to scare the public and especially the children to give up their freedom and money to the powerful government.

Instead of journalists investigating and saying how wrong previous predictions have been, they go along with the indoctrination to force the radical leftist agenda and policies on the public.  These people all pretend they care about the poor and middle class, but the proposed policies would destroy tens of millions of jobs, would make income and wealth inequality much worse, and would make many millions more people dependent on government.

Everyone should stop pretending Biden, Mayor Pete, Bloomberg, or any other Democrat is moderate.  They are all willing to destroy the economy and give much greater power to the government on the climate and fossil fuels.

Here is a small sample of predictions on the climate that almost all of the media regurgitate with no questions asked:

  • 2019: The U.N. says we have only a few years left because of warming.
  • 2008, on ABC, Good Morning America.  By 2015, New York City would be under water, milk would be $13 per gallon, and gasoline would be $9 per gallon.  Very little of Miami would be left.  (They were so close.)
  • 2005: After Katrina, we were told hurricanes would be more frequent and severe than ever.  Instead, we had a ten-year lull in serious hurricanes hitting the U.S.
  • 1989: The U.N. said we only have a few years left because of warming.
  • 1970: First Earth Day.  Billions would die soon because of global cooling and an ice age.
  • 1922: AP and Washington Post: Coastal cities would soon be underwater because the ice caps have melted due to global warming.

Here is a small sample of questions for politicians, bureaucrats, scientists, educators, Time persons of the year, and people who pretend to be journalists peddling the indoctrination and pushing the agenda.

  • Why should we believe current predictions when previous predictions have been 100% wrong?
  • What caused the floods that created oceans, lakes, and rivers over billions of years?
  • What caused all the ice ages to start and stop throughout history?
  • What caused the Sahara Desert to go from a lush savannah to a desert around 9,000 years ago and have a 9,000-year drought so far?
  • How did so much of California become a desert?
  • Why was Greenland warmer 1,000 years ago than today?
  • How did we go from predicting disastrous warming in the 1920s to predicting disastrous global cooling in 1970 if rising CO2, fossil fuel use, humans, and industrialization cause warming?

It is truly a shame that the media are willing to repeat talking points to push a radical, leftist agenda instead of doing their job of investigating and asking questions and telling the public the truth.

Why should we believe that if we give bureaucrats and politicians trillions of dollars and more control of our lives, they can control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity forever when these are the same people who peddled the lies about Russian collusion and Obamacare for years?

The greatest existential threat to our freedom and prosperity is the people pushing for getting rid of fossil fuels.  It is certainly not Trump, who is trying to give the power, purse, and freedom back to the people as fast as possible.  It is he who is working to allow the poor and middle class to move up, not Democrats.

Graphic credit: Pixabay.

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