Shoplifting in Chicago is so bad that men's underwear now displayed in padlocked glass cases in Walmart

Civil order is slipping away in Chicago, leading toward a dystopian state where personal safety cannot be taken for granted and property must be constantly guarded from marauders willing to use force to take it away.  Progressive policies are killing a great city, one that rightfully ought to be regarded as one of crowning glories[i] of American civilization, the city that invented the skyscraper, the capital of the Midwest and crossroads of the nation.

But now "bail reform" has led to convicted felons arrested for new offenses being allowed to roam the streets on no bail or bail lower than the cost of the sneakers worn by the perps.

[Israel] Villegas was charged in Oct. 2018 with murdering a 22-year-old man in Cicero [a Cook County Chicago suburb] while Villegas was on "affordable bail" for his fifth illegal gun case.

Villegas shot Diomar Rangel six times in the chest during an argument, Cicero police said. Police tracked him down and witnesses identified him as the shooter, according to prosecutors.

According to court records, Villegas was free on a $250 deposit bond that a judge set after prosecutors charged him with his fifth felony firearms violation and obstruction of justice. He was supposed to be on electronic monitoring at the time of the murder, too.

Chicago's top cop just got fired in a scandal that threatens to spread to those who may have helped him cover up misbehavior.  Meanwhile, the hardworking street cops are under federal oversight and worried about their own fates if they make mistake in pursuing or capturing a perp.

The net result: Even men's underwear is kept under lock and key, as this short video from our friends at CWBChicago shows.

YouTube screen grab via CWBChicago.

Hat tip: Peter von Buol.

[i] To grasp the dimensions of Chicago's brilliant rise and subsequent decline and fall, William Cronin's superb book, Nature's Metropolis, is must reading.

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