Shocker: Sunbathing those parts of the body ‘where the sun don’t shine’ is a bad idea

The human capacity for folly continues to amaze. The Irish Sun (savor the irony of this report coming from a land where sunshine is rare and the scenery is overwhelmingly lush and green) reports: A TOP doctor is warning people not to try out a bizarre "bum sunning" ritual that has take[n] social media by storm this week. Dr Jennifer Gunter, a gynaecologist based in the US, said that exposing your nether regions to the sun's harsh rays increases the risk of skin cancer on your vulva. (snip) It comes after a woman went viral after claiming that exposing her perineum - the area between the anus and the vulva - to sunlight for 30 seconds every morning could boost sleep and energy. Meagan, from California, posted a picture of herself on Instagram practising what she described as "perineum sunning". She can be seen lying on her back naked while holding her feet with her legs in the air and her butt facing the sun. Here is Meagan baring...(Read Full Post)
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