Seven indisputable facts about this 'historic' impeachment that historians will use to condemn it as 'folly'

Derangement is a mental impairment that causes those afflicted with it to make very bad decisions, often ignoring or disputing realities that would caution them against their self-destructive actions.  Even though the leftist-dominated psychology and psychiatric professions refuse to acknowledge it, Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, a genuine mass psychosis, and it is at the root of the impeachment vote today. It is often speculated that the real goal of Democrats is to "place an asterisk" next to President Trump's name.  But as the passion of the moment subsides and historians take a longer look, here are seven facts that will place an asterisk next to this impeachment, as a monumentally foolish act of political malpractice: First ever purely partisan impeachment. First ever impeachment advocated by House members before the president took office and took any official actions. No crime is alleged. The first ever impeachment...(Read Full Post)
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