Re-elected Tory MP reassures British Jews, 'You should never have to live in fear again'

Michael Gove, the Conservative Party M.P. who challenged Boris Johnson for party leadership and took the job of managing Brexit preparations after losing to him, gave a celebratory speech last night as election results came in, and took on the hideous embrace of Jew-hatred by the Labor Party under Jeremy Corbyn. The fact that he had to reassure British Jews that they no longer need to live in fear of persecution is a deeply disturbing commentary on where left-wing politics has devolved.  But the fact that it was at the top of his mind, and that he made it a feature of his speech, is commendable.  Key excerpts via the U.K. Express: Sky News screen grab via U.K. Express. "Our fellow citizens reminded us why this is such a wonderful country because they comprehensively rejected Jeremy Corbyn's politics of division, extremism and antisemitism (snip) They voted in record numbers for a Prime Minister dedicated to restoring trust in our...(Read Full Post)
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