Peter Buttigieg wants to end incarceration for possession of any drug, including meth or cocaine

The mayor of South Bend, Indiana has come in for severe criticism from African-American residents of that crime-ridden city and appears to be reacting by taking a fairly radical position on illegal drugs in an effort to mend ties with the single most important voting bloc of the Democratic Party. He may be able to win approval from the Democrat voters of Iowa and New Hampshire, but when South Carolina votes in its primary contest as clean-up hitter, his presidential campaign could run into a buzz saw with the Palmetto State’s black constituency.  The Brookings Institution notes: Over the last month, Quinnipiac has shown Buttigieg polling in double digits nationwide but at only 4% with Black voters, while Biden has a healthy lead with the Black electorate and a massive lead overall. In Iowa, Buttigieg polls near or at the top. But only about 3% of Iowa’s population is Black, so Biden’s advantage among that electorate is less...(Read Full Post)
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