Peter Buttigieg nods in agreement as crackpot reverend claims illegals are recovering stolen land

Peter Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend (a small city in Indiana), is pretending to be a "moderate" Democrat, aiming at attracting away the supporters of Joe Biden worried about his increasingly bizarre behavior.  But his body language betrayed his true radicalism and desire to pander to far left yesterday, appearing with Reverend William Barber at an event sponsored by the Poor People's Campaign.  Ryan Saavedra of the Daily Wire noticed:

"Let me ask you a couple quick rapid-fire [questions]," Barber began. "Do you think we need to also stop allowing forces to demonize 'people who are trying to get their immigration status' and we start lifting up all the ways they benefit this country?"

"Yeah, I mean the uncomfortable reality is that undocumented folks are in many ways, like Social Security, subsidizing everybody else," Buttigieg claimed.

"And we need to talk about that — and shouldn't we have some conversation whenever people say, we call people 'illegal aliens' and all these things that are not human, are certainly not Christian," Barber continued. "Why can't we just own in America that some of the people that are trying to come from Mexico here are coming back to land we stole, and the reason we took the land is because people wanted to keep their slaves?

Watch as Buttigieg nods in agreement:

This position that the United States illegitimately exercises sovereignty over the western United States is popular on the radical fringe but deeply unpopular among ordinary Americans.  Mayor Peter is going to have answer for this if he stays in the top tier of Democrat candidates, and it will place him in the uncomfortable position of deciding whether to jettison the far left or the mainstream American voting bloc.

Photo credit: Twitter video screen grab.

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