Nasty Nancy, Shifty Schiff, and Schumer subvert the Constitution to damage Trump

Nancy Pelosi, AKA Nasty Nancy, allowed Adam Schiff, AKA Shifty Schiff, to run the impeachment "inquiry" through Shifty's Intelligence Committee, where Shifty had total control.  He set the rules to allow only the witnesses he wanted.  He lied in his opening statement to commence the inquiry by making up President Trump's phone conversation with Ukraine's President Zelensky.  The resulting vote to impeach was a foregone conclusion regardless of the evidence, or lack thereof. Pelosi has not sent Shifty's articles of impeachment to the Senate for a trial because she said she wants to first see the Senate trial procedures. Pelosi knows that the Senate will acquit President Trump because Shifty's articles lack merit, or, to be blunt, because the articles are BS. Article one charges abuse of power, which is a grab bag of Trump policies the Democrats don't like and a rehash of the Ukraine hoax.  The articles don't charge a constitutionally mandated reason, or even a crime,...(Read Full Post)
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