More footage disappears in Epstein case, this time from his first 'suicide' attempt

Funny how official "incompetence" happens, in everything out there, regarding the suicide case of Bubba Clinton's friend and vacay-mate Jeffrey Epstein. This time, authorities say they have "lost" the first prison video of the supposed first jail suicide attempt by Epstein.  They also "lost" the second suicide video earlier, and coincidence of coincidences, that was the one where Epstein "succeeded." Lot of sighs of relief somewhere out there.  Here's the National Review account of the suspicious case: Surveillance footage of the outside of convicted sex-offender Jeffrey Epstein's prison cell during his first suicide attempt has gone missing, prosecutors admitted on Wednesday. Epstein, who allegedly raped and trafficked dozens of women, many of whom were minors, was imprisoned in July 2019 in Manhattan. The former billionaire shared a cell with Nick Tartaglione, a former police officer...(Read Full Post)
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