Mike Bloomberg targets doctors for racial 'reeducation'

Is the medical profession a racist redoubt? All those heartbeats that sound the same, all those butts of many colors, and now docs have put on the Klan hoods?

To Mike Bloomberg it is.

According to a report from GatewayPundit:

Democrat presidential candidate former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg unveiled a healthcare proposal Monday that would require doctors undergo racial bias training to recognize alleged implicit and explicit bias in healthcare.

Bloomberg announced the plan on a campaign swing through Alabama where he is courting black Democrat primary voters.



Which sounds just ducky for doctors who already are burdened by massive Obamacare paperwork requirements, and are often underpaid by state Medicaid and Medicare clients. Now for some re-education camp from pious and sanctimonious leftists in the grievance rackets. Starbucks workers may have thought they were the only ones with a wacky billionaire who wanted them to atone, but they were just the tip of the iceberg, now Bloomberg wants to put doctors in the dock. And this, without a scintilla of evidence that doctors have anything to do with disparate medical outcomes seen in the black community. Doctors in fact, are motivated by a desire to save lives, all lives, even the lives of spray shooters who've just murdered other people. Dr. Ben Carson speaks of how doctors care so much about saving the lives of babies, and how he wanted to save the lives of two babies, not one, in performing the first life-saving conjoined-twin surgery on a pair of babies joined at the head -- white babies, based on  the pictures.

Does Dr. Ben Carson have to get reeducated too? Does he have to sit in with those struggle sessions, too, and learn about what a racist he is? Does he need some reeducating by his betters in the racial grievance-rackets?

It just goes to show the outrageous notions of billionaires seeking to pander to black voters -- it's a bid to paint the whole medical profession as a gang of racists in a bid to gain votes. Why not re-education for billionaires, too? Especially those with sex harassment histories, such as himself?

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