Mayor Pete's Jesus is a figment of his Progressive worldview

Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg is hanging in there, despite his thin résumé and a mess of a city that he is currently in charge of.  He sits at 8.3 percent in the latest Real Clear Politics national average, trailing the three elderly white, heterosexual millionaires — Biden, Sanders, and Warren. He is pushing his Christian faith as a means of distinguishing himself from his fellow candidates of the secular left.  As Rolling Stone described: Since the early stages of his presidential campaign, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has made his Christian faith a cornerstone, explicitly attacking the idea that "Christian" and "Republican" are synonymous terms, and eloquently questioning the motives of religious leaders who choose policy over morality and who have become Donald Trump's faithful apologists on the national stage. "But we should call out hypocrisy when we see it. And for a party that...(Read Full Post)
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