Live from New York, it's hate crimes day and night

Taking a break from his polluting daily 11-mile trip to exercise in a Brooklyn gym (because apparently there are no gyms, er, excuse me, fitness centers close by in Manhattan), New York mayor Bill de Blasio (D) commented on several particularly brutal murders and incidents of violence in his city.  Yes, the vicious stabbing of a Barnard College student near campus, allegedly by a 13-year-old with the help of his friends, was bad.  Maybe de Blasio will now push for knife control. Continuing his concern for stopping violence, de Blasio met with Jersey City Jewish community leaders, condemning the recent multiple, apparently hate-fueled murders there.  But wait!  Jersey City isn't in his city, isn't in his state.  But Brooklyn, N.Y., site of his oh, so special fitness center, is.  And Brooklyn, just several miles from where he dutifully does sit-ups, has been the scene of innumerable...(Read Full Post)
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