Kamala Harris, trying to become the Al Green of the Senate

Fresh from her ignominious exit from the presidential race, Kamala Harris is back in the saddle, desperately trying to prove she's still relevant in the Senate and showing us all why she isn't. Here she is in full Vishinsky mode, sounding like the same Kamala who interrogated the blameless Brett Kavanaugh, this time with Inspector General Michael Horowitz. Kamala Harris details Bill Barr's extensive efforts to exonerate Russia, calls upon Horowitz "to investigate misconduct committed by the AG of the US, who is doing the bidding of POTUS to undermine our intelligence community. I trust you take that seriously." "I do," he replies. pic.twitter.com/cN82JOt5oU — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) December 11, 2019 There she is in that raspberry pink blazer, speaking nasally with a scowl on her face, demanding that Horowitz investigate Attorney General William Barr for, horrors..."doing Trump's...(Read Full Post)
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