Just call him 'Fingers': Creepy Joe Bitin' is back in action

It's not like he hasn't been warned. It's not like he hasn't pledged to do better. Nope, creepy Joe is back in action, this time sucking on his wife's fingers as she tried to make a stump speech for him. According to Business Insider. Former Vice President Joe Biden inexplicably leaned forward and chomped down on his wife's finger as she spoke during a campaign stop in Iowa on Saturday. Jill Biden had been speaking to a crowd and using her hands to gesture, barely missing her husband's face at several points. Eventually, while her arm was outstretched, Biden leaned forward and bit down on the tip of his wife's index finger.   In response, Jill Biden laughed it off. The pair were in Council Bluffs speaking to a crowd of several hundred people, according to the Associated Press.  The context was weird, too, with Jill Biden blathering on, fishwife-style, about "the president of the United States" in an...(Read Full Post)
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