Joe Biden ramps up the 'ick' factor with his latest leg-hair story

Is Joe Biden in an early stage of dementia?  How does anyone explain this? Why does he say things like this? — Heather Champion (@winningatmylife) December 1, 2019 Imagine this guy as the President??? — Military Mike (@TWA2MM) December 1, 2019 Out on the campaign trail, Biden made a creepy and inchoate statement about kids stroking his blonde leg hair in a swimming pool (isn't this the guy the Secret Service complained about for swimming naked?) and jumping into his lap.  In the middle of his statement, he bizarrely interjected that he knows all about "roaches," with nobody knowing what he meant by that, and he "loved" kids who jumped into his lap.  RedState has the actual transcript: "Oh and by the way, I'd sit on the stand [the lifeguard stand/seat next to the pool] and it'd get hot, and I got a...(Read Full Post)
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