Joe Biden is bombing with Latinos

Joe Biden is not a popular presidential candidate among Latinos.

That's the finding from an Insider poll, according to Business Insider:

Satisfaction with Biden among Latinos who say they'll vote in their state's Democratic primary is about 40% — 15% below his support among white voters, 14% below his support among Asian voters, and a whopping 26% short of his support among black voters. 

The top two candidates running to Biden's left — Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren — both perform significantly better among Latinos. While Sanders' approval is at 57%, Warren's approval is at 54%.

Biden's relative lack of support among Latino voters will likely hurt him in two of the most important presidential primaries next year in Texas and California. The two states have the largest numbers of eligible Latino voters in the country, and California moved up its primary to Super Tuesday, which is on March 3. 

Latino Democrats skew younger and more liberal than other ethnic groups. And Biden has significantly lower approval ratings among younger and more left-leaning Democratic voters.

This stands in stark contrast to President Trump's significant gains among Latino voters, taking about a quarter of the bloc according to a Telemundo poll, probably quite a bit more.  Latinos form the largest and fastest growing bloc of minority voters, and winning their votes is pretty important.

Business Insider attributes it to Biden's past stance with the Obama administration on deportations of illegal immigrants, back when, as Kevin Williamson put it, Democrats considered illegal immigration...illegal.  Biden's been flip-flopping and making attempted amends, at least to Latino audiences, and some of the activist far-left open-borders crowd are emboldened by it, demanding full-blown apologies now.

But I kind of doubt it, actually.  Bernie Sanders, who's the popular guy among Latino Democrats (a creepy spectacle, given that he so closely resembles Hugo Chávez in orientation), has a similar record in opposing illegal immigration in his past, and he's taking no penalties for it.  None of the open-borders lefties are calling for his apology.

More likely, Biden is despised because he's so old and creepy, a been-around dinosaur who still makes patronizing remarks to minority groups, engages inappropriate hugs, lines his pockets with moolah as a result of his public office (this has to remind at least some Mexican-American voters of the terrific Mexican film about political pocket-lining called Herod's Law) and talks about cockroaches and leg hair around little kids in the swimming pool.  They've seen that type before.  That's crotchety weirdness and me-first greed aren't exactly something a Latino voter wants to hang onto.  Who wants that?

Here's a second reason: Biden's been ignoring Latinos.  That's the latest from the Washington Post:

Biden's level of participation in events and other initiatives has also drawn concerns. Christian Arana of the Latino Community Foundation said he sent the Democratic campaigns a questionnaire in November with a deadline of completing it by Dec. 11. After no campaign sent a response, Arana, the LCF's policy director, extended the deadline to Dec. 15. Arana said he received replies from Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), Buttigieg, Castro and Booker, but not Biden. Later, the billionaire activist Tom Steyer replied.

Biden's team said it was not slighting the groups that have invited him to their events or sought his thoughts. "While we greatly respect the leadership of the organizations, and the organizations themselves, we have to be very strategic in the use of our principal's time," said Cristóbal Alex, a senior adviser to Biden and former president of the Latino Victory Fund.

What a blow-off.  That must have made those lefties feel just dandy.

Actually, Joe's the one who's blowing it, though.  As the Democratic frontrunner flounders with Latinos, offering this much more reprieve from deportations (which affects a very small subset of them), Trump's out helping everyone, including Latino American voters, with jobs, prosperity, homeownership, legs up the economic ladder.  That's got to be a better bargain than Joe's incremental apologies.  Team Trump should work even harder to win over this group for a permanent Republican voting bloc. 

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