James Comey can't even be honest about a Fox News booking

Fired FBI director James Comey ought to be embarrassed. The inspector general's long awaited report on FISA abuses is out, revealing a systematic pattern of abuses at the bureau on Comey's watch.  Rules broken all over the place, nobody punished, nobody following procedures.  Under Comey, "hain't I got the power" was pretty much the only recognizable modus operandi.  That must have been some atmosphere of lawlessness in the once proud agency, and yes, the bureau has since lost public trust as a result of it. Bother him in the least?  On the contrary, he's claiming that the whole ethical shambles vindicates him.  His deputy, Andrew McCabe, claims he never heard of any of this, but Comey shamelessly claims that the whole thing is his actual victory. Comey is his usual pious self. He calls for others to apologize, but he is the one who owes three apologies: 1) To Carter Page,...(Read Full Post)
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