It’s real! A third poll reveals 33% nonwhite support for Trump

This seems almost too good to be true…. A few days ago, two respected polls—Rasmussen and Emerson -- came out showing that black approval for Trump had reached 34%. Now comes confirmation from another respected poll NPR/PBS Marist, this time aggregating blacks with other racial minorities, and finding an almost identical rate of support of 33%. Sundance provides the results of the poll in a chart: As he notes, “…the Marist poll was 1,224 voters with a 26 percent minority (black and Hispanic) share of the poll – so that’s a significant poll of minority voters. While the Trump economy has dramatically improved wages and employment opportunities for minorities who are disproportionately found in lower-wage occupations, that has been true for at least a couple of years. Why are three polls now showing a dramatically higher level of support than polls only a few months ago? One possible answer that occurs to me is that the...(Read Full Post)
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