It’s real! A third poll reveals 33% nonwhite support for Trump

This seems almost too good to be true….

A few days ago, two respected polls—Rasmussen and Emerson -- came out showing that black approval for Trump had reached 34%. Now comes confirmation from another respected poll NPR/PBS Marist, this time aggregating blacks with other racial minorities, and finding an almost identical rate of support of 33%. Sundance provides the results of the poll in a chart:

As he notes, “…the Marist poll was 1,224 voters with a 26 percent minority (black and Hispanic) share of the poll – so that’s a significant poll of minority voters.

While the Trump economy has dramatically improved wages and employment opportunities for minorities who are disproportionately found in lower-wage occupations, that has been true for at least a couple of years. Why are three polls now showing a dramatically higher level of support than polls only a few months ago?

One possible answer that occurs to me is that the spectacle of the kangaroo court House hearings aimed at impeaching President Trump has resonated with blacks and other minorities who feel that the criminal justice system is biased against them, generating sympathy for a man they see being railroaded by “the system” (in this case House Democrats).

Whatever the cause in the surge of approval for Trump, this may be part of a historic realignment, one that could destroy the coalition that has kept the Democrats viable at a national level.

Sundance provides a collage of the transformation underway:

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