It's not just 'orange man bad.' For Dems, 'white man bad,' too

It is now no secret that the Left has cornered the market on identity politics.  It now serves as the foundation for all the Left's policies and positions.  While leftists profess Trump as a racist, they continually proclaim attitudes that take a purely racial and androphobic or even misandric stance on any major event.

With the economy skyrocketing at historic highs; unemployment plummeting, now at historic lows; the stock market on pace to break 120 record highs since the 2016 election; a record-breaking Black Friday; and historic trade deals with China and North America on the table waiting for congressional approval, the Left, having no choice and devoid of any relevant, substantive issues, reaches into its now crumbling bag o' tricks and pulls out its ol' reliable race- and gender-baiting.

When at one time, the Left's concern over racial inequality was geared toward inclusion, mainly centered on blacks, it has now morphed into the exclusion of whites — a form of tribalism that this article from The Guardian explains well.

Skin color and sex are now the basis for judgment in the world of the Left.  But it is more than that.  Leftists have made a concerted effort to excoriate those who are "white" simply for being white.  Over the past several years, phrases such as "white privilege," "white guilt," "white supremacy, "white nationalism," and "toxic masculinity" have ensconced themselves in the Left's regular lexicon.  

The Left's obsession with identity politics was on full display during two particular events.  The first was during the confirmation hearings of Brett Kavanaugh, when Christine Blasey Ford testified in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  Joy Behar of The View echoed the three-word phrase that many leftist commentators regurgitated on cable news shows, referring to the members of the Senate Judiciary Committee — "old white men."  The message was clear: we are to hate these people because they are old, because they are white, and because they are men.  These three factors disqualify them from passing any judgment on anyone else.  They are just plain human scum.

The second noted event occurred after Kamala Harris ended her presidential campaign.  What was the Left's reaction?  As Cory Booker put it, "[t]his stage is too white.  We are better than that."  Automatically, guilt was assigned on the basis of race, while not even considering the possibility that Harris's policies were not resounding with Democrat voters.  Of course, the MSM nod in complete agreement.

In these examples, just replace "old" with "young."  Replace "men" with "women," and replace "white" with "black."  What would the MSM's reaction be?  What would Joy Behar's reaction be?  What would the rest of the Left's usual suspects say?  What if Trump or any prominent Republican were to say, "This stage looks too black"?  Watch the fireworks go off!

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