Hunter Biden seeks to keep financial records secret in Arkansas child support court proceedings

Hunter Biden is arguing that disclosure of his financial status, as is normally required in child support litigation, would cause him “embarrassment” and would be used “maliciously” by political opponents. Kind of like disclosure of President Trump’s tax records? Except, of course, that by law tax records are confidential, while court documents are public records. The younger Biden, as most readers know, impregnated a 28-year-old stripper named Lunden Roberts, whom he met at a “gentlemen’s club” in Washington, DC, and now is being sued by her for child support in her home state of Arkansas.   Lunden Roberts (Facebook, via the UK Daily Mail) The UK Daily Mail reports on the legal struggle underway: Hunter Biden has filed a request to seal all financial records in his ongoing child support suit to spare himself public 'embarrassment' amid claims of 'significant debts', can exclusively...(Read Full Post)
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