Hunter Biden seeks to keep financial records secret in Arkansas child support court proceedings

Hunter Biden is arguing that disclosure of his financial status, as is normally required in child support litigation, would cause him “embarrassment” and would be used “maliciously” by political opponents. Kind of like disclosure of President Trump’s tax records? Except, of course, that by law tax records are confidential, while court documents are public records.

The younger Biden, as most readers know, impregnated a 28-year-old stripper named Lunden Roberts, whom he met at a “gentlemen’s club” in Washington, DC, and now is being sued by her for child support in her home state of Arkansas.  

Lunden Roberts (Facebook, via the UK Daily Mail)

The UK Daily Mail reports on the legal struggle underway:

Hunter Biden has filed a request to seal all financial records in his ongoing child support suit to spare himself public 'embarrassment' amid claims of 'significant debts', can exclusively reveal.

The 49-year-old filed the motion for a Protective Order of his financial records in the Arkansas Circuit Court of Independence on Wednesday, citing fears that such information would be used 'maliciously' by the media if disclosed publicly.

'The likelihood that [Biden's] private records will be used in an inappropriate or malicious manner for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with these proceedings is exceedingly high and should not be tolerated by the court,' the filing reads.

Any such disclosures, Biden's attorneys claim, would furthermore cause their client 'undue prejudice, annoyance, embarrassment, and/or oppression.'

'Due to the extraordinary circumstances surrounding the parties involved in this matter, it is in the interest of justice and necessary for a Protective Order to be in place,' Biden's attorney Dustin McDaniel states.

Hunter Biden is claiming that his financial resources are limited:

'In an effort to demonstrate to this court my good faith, I attest that I am unemployed and have had no monthly income since May 2019,' Biden's statement reads. 

The former Ukraine energy executive goes on to admit he has incurred 'significant debts', partially caused by his April 2017 divorce to Kathleen Biden, which are currently being calculated by his accountants and will be disclosed to the courts as soon as possible.

It turns out that hanging out at strip club can lead to embarrassing behavior with longer term consequences.  The younger Biden has been suspected of smoking crack in the VIP room of another strip club:

Hunter Biden was suspected of smoking crack inside a strip club where he dropped “thousands of dollars” during multiple visits — at the same time he held a seat on the board of a controversial Ukrainian natural gas company, The Post has learned.

The incident, which took place at Archibald’s Gentlemen’s Club in Washington, DC, late last year, represents the most recent alleged drug use by Biden, 49, who has acknowledged six stints in rehab for alcoholism and addiction that included a crack binge in 2016.

Workers at Archibald’s, located about three blocks north of the White House, said Biden was a regular there, with two bartenders and a security worker all instantly recognizing his photo and one worker identifying him by name.

Security worker Ranko Petrovic said Biden — the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic front-runner to challenge President Trump next year — would routinely hole up in a VIP room and drink during his visits.

Although Petrovic said the club “had no issue with him,” former Archibald’s managing partner James Ritter said one occasion in late 2018 was marred by a “suspicion of drug use.”

“There was a smell of burning Styrofoam in the VIP room. We told him nothing illegal can go on here,” Ritter said.

This was the year after he knocked up the stripper currently suing him for child support. It was also while he sat on the board of Burisma.   

 I expect the mainstream media to ignore Hunter’s effort to keep his financial data secret. He is an embarrassment to his father, and his argument supports the notion that feeding private financial information to the public is a bad idea because it can be used to harm an individual.

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