House Democrats on a suicide mission?

Yesterday and over the last four weeks, Democrat leadership in the House of Representatives seem to be on a suicide mission.  The strategy worked out by the big thinkers in the House over the last month is astonishing in its seemingly self-destructive intent.

Wednesday's hearings will be interpreted by both sides as a win.  No doubt, those in the Silo on the Left will remain convinced of the president's perfidy and malfeasance, while those in the Silo on the Right will disagree.

YouTube screen grabs.

What about the middle, the unconvinced, or, those whose cursory knowledge of current events is superseded by everyday exigencies?

There is no clear winner at this point in what is categorically an effort to win over public opinion and damage or remove the president.  What could change this?

1. A Senate trial.  Even if you are as obtuse as Eric Swalwell, you have to admit that a mirroring of the process that just took place in the House, in a trial in the Senate with Mitch McConnell in charge, will be devastating.  Adam Schiff will be a witness.  The Bidens will have to testify.  The list of witnesses with culpability relating to activities over the last three years should terrify the House leadership as they cruise over the cliff, à la Thelma Pelosi and Louise Schiff.

2. In conjunction with this nightmare, the I.G. report is due out and will be an ongoing discussion in the media and on the floor of the Senate during the trial.  Again, remember, this is an effort not only to unseat the president, but, barring that, to damage the president prior to next year's election.

3. In conjunction with the previous two nightmares, Prosecutor Durham may indict, over the next three to six months, possibly during the Senate trial, Deep State actors who are neck-deep in premeditated criminality.  This will, in no way, damage the president and, in fact, will make him unbeatable in the coming election.

Obviously, I support President Trump, and as a Trump-supporter, I really, really hope the House votes to impeach him.

Think about that.

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